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REDTEAM members are freelance cybersecurity high flyers. We offer security services to test your organization’s defenses and more specifically to identify the security vulnerabilities and system holes before they are exploited.


Our Cybersecurity professionals are fully trained and certified! We apply the newest technologies and hacking software for attacks and understand the psychology behind the attackers.


The Cyber Security Expert training gives an insight in hacking tutorials, how hackers work and what hacking software they use; also how to detect flaws and what steps to undertake when being hacked.

De cursus Cyber Security Expert is heel boeiend doordat je in de praktijk ziet hoe hackers te werk gaan. Dit is natuurlijk nog maar het topje van de ijsberg, maar wel al ruim voldoende om een goed inzicht te krijgen. Ook kom je te weten hoe je de zwakke plekken in je eigen netwerk kan zoeken/vinden om die dan beter te kunnen beschermen.

Carl VerstraeteSystem Administrator bij Studio Emma

De combinatie van hands-on ethical hacking en toegepaste management frameworks  zorgt voor een grote efficiëntie en geeft mij als technisch persoon middelen om verder te evolueren.

Pieter Jan HeyseICT coördinator bij Scheppersinstituut

Our Services

REDTEAM offers several Cyber Security Services to test your organization’s defenses and more specifically to identify the security vulnerabilities and system holes before they are exploited.
Our main services are Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing, Audits, Assessments and Security Trainings.
REDTEAM gives companies and organisations the opportunity to hire a Cyber Crime Professional for a short or long term. REDTEAM can also work project-based.
  • Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing

    Ethical Hacking is an expansive term encompassing all hacking techniques, and computer attack techniques to find security flaws with the permission of the target owner and the goal of improving the target’s security while Penetration Testing is more focused on the process of finding vulnerabilities in a target environment. In short, Penetration Testing is a subset of Ethical Hacking.
    Many organizations use Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing to find security flaws and faults before the bad guys do. After implementing security policies, procedures, and technology, organizations can use full penetration tests to see how effective their security really is.
  • Assessment

    Security Assessments are internal checks that typically happen as a preliminary step prior to an Audit.  The assessment doesn’t need to be formal, although formal processes like ISO 27000 specify in great detail what should be considered in the assessment.  The assessment is a method for gathering data about current security measures and attempts to compare what the current situation is with how it should be.a
  • Audits

    The Security Audit is a systematic evaluation of the company’s information system by comparing it to an established set of criteria.  A Security Audit produces a written record of the results that document the system capabilities.
  • Training

    During the Ethical Hacking training students will be shown how to scan, test, hack and secure their own systems. Students will learn what steps can be taken to secure a system.
  • Other Services

    Next to the standard portfolio REDTEAM is offering the following additional cyber crime security services: Botnet & malware detection, Business continuity & disaster recovery, Configuration reviews, Forensic research, Risk management, …
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